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  On the morning of May 17th, the 2nd China-Turkey Civil Friendship and Cooperation Dialogue, which was hosted by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and co-organized by the Shaanxi People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the Xianyang Municipal Government, was held at the Haiquan Bay Vista Hotel in Xianyang. Datang Domain (Shaanxi) Holding and its Shaanxi Foreigner Service Platform were invited to participate in the conference.


  The meeting was hosted by Li Huichao, Vice Mayor of Xianyang City; Xu Xinrong, Chairman of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Jiang Jiang, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Ali Oğuzhan Yükçe, Director of the Turkish Cultural Center in Beijing, and Xia Xiaozhong, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Xianyang City, were present at the meeting and delivered speeches.


  Under the theme of “Contributing to the building of a community of human destiny by civil society”, the Dialogue is centered on “Enhancing humanistic exchanges and consolidating the foundation of friendly public opinion”, “Building the ‘Belt and Road’ and tightening the interests of cooperation”, and “Building the ‘Belt and Road’ and tightening the interests of cooperation”. The theme centered on “enhancing humanistic exchanges, consolidating the foundation of friendship and public opinion”, “building a ‘Belt and Road’ together, tightening the ties of cooperation and interests”, and “innovating the development mode, drawing a better future for the city”, and other topics were discussed and exchanged. The conference aimed to strengthen the friendly exchanges and cooperation between the people of Shaanxi Province and Turkey, and to promote the sustained and healthy development of Sino-Turkish relations. Hundreds of people from China-Turkey friendship organizations, local governments, academic institutions, excellent enterprises and other representatives gathered to discuss new opportunities and directions for future cooperation, and to look for potentials and opportunities for cooperation between the two sides in the fields of economy and trade, culture, education, human resources and so on.


  As an investment and operation project of Datang Domain (Shaanxi) Holding, “Shaanxi Foreigner Service Platform”, through participating in this conference, Shaanxi Foreigner Service Platform got acquainted with many Sino-Turkish friendly people and representatives of enterprises, and actively communicated with the participants, shared the advantages and experiences of the enterprise in foreign-related services and international trade, and listened to the opinions and suggestions of other enterprises and representatives carefully. It actively communicated with the participants, shared its advantages and experiences in foreign-related services and international trade, listened carefully to the opinions and suggestions of other enterprises and representatives, and provided useful references for the further development of the enterprise in the foreign-related section. In addition, participation in this conference is also a concrete manifestation of Shaanxi Foreigners Service Platform's active fulfillment of social responsibility and promotion of civil friendship and cooperation, demonstrating its firm determination to promote civil friendship and cooperation. We have been actively responding to the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, actively participating in the “One Belt, One Road” construction, adhering to the basic national policy of opening up to the outside world, and making great efforts in the areas of 'bringing in' and 'going out'. Under the guidance of the strategy of 'bringing in' and 'going out', we have been continuously expanding the field of outward investment, optimizing the structure of outward investment, improving the comprehensive strength of outward investment, bringing more international cooperation opportunities for enterprises and realizing the international diversified layout of enterprises.

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